Pun Pun

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Pun Pun, the Uncontrolled, the Kobold Guardian

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Stats ~

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good)

Worshipper Alignment: any Chaotic

Area of Control: Reptiles, Chaos,

Symbol: A Green viper on a field of Orange

Duties of the Priesthood

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Requirements and Advantages ~

Ability Scores: Standard, must speak Kobold

Alignment: technically, any, though a Chaotic Alignment would help

Favored Weapons: Any

Armor Restrictions: Any

Spheres, Major: All, Animal, Chaos, Charm, Elemental Earth, Summoning (For Kobold clerics, Guardian and Healing as well)

Spheres, Minor: Combat, Elemental Fire

Special Powers:

Turn Undead?: Nil

Pun Pun

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