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Here we have logged the information collected on this world’s deities, whether obtained through ancient texts, first hand accounts, or, occasionally, straight from the deity’s mouth.

The Good Guys

  • Aslan, the Great Lion (LG)
  • Yoda, the Mysterious Sage (LG)
  • Fire, the Hearth-Mother (NG)

The Bad Guys

  • Water, the Alluring (NE)
  • Vecna, the Undying King (LE)

The Others

  • Air, the Musician (CN)
  • Earth, the Under-King (LN)
  • House, the Inquisitive Physician (CN)
  • Pun Pun, the Uncontrolled, the Kobold Guardian (CN)

DemiGods, those that aren’t in the Pantheon Proper

  • ((And Robin’s unnamed-as-of-yet female avatar in the fruit forest))


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