Black Mage

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Black Mage, the Destroyer (Chaotic Evil) – “Black Mage personified: Hey, here’s a question. I feel a complete contempt for everything and the overriding need to burn the world. Is that normal? Black Mage: Are you filled with regret that, eventually, there won’t be more world to burn? Black Mage personified: In the back, yeah. Black Mage: That sounds like my atrocities all right, perfectly normal.”

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Stats ~

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshipper Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Area of Control: Destruction, Knives, Love,

Symbol: A Red skull with a Blue knife in it on a field of Black.

Duties of the Priesthood

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Requirements and Advantages ~

Ability Scores:

Alignment: Umm, this guy enjoys stabbing people. Chaotic Evil is pretty much necessary.

Favored Weapons: Dagger

Armor Restrictions: Cloth

Spheres, Major: All, Chaos, Necromancy, Combat, Elemental Fire, Sun, Weather

Spheres, Minor: Time, War

Special Powers:

(1) Burning Hands 1/day, as per spell

(5) Fireball 2/day, as per spell

(10) Disintegrate 1/day, as per spell

Turn Undead?: Nil

Black Mage

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