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Architecture, Beauty. The city of Falador is the most beautiful city on, or under, the world.

Architecture, Defenses. The city of Falador has also created some of the best defense they possibly can create, being underwater and all.

Gypsies. The Arcane are the very best at traveling, self sufficiency, and selling magical items.

Healing. The Aquatic Elves have made themselves into the very best healers in the world.

Illusions. The Leprechauns are highly skilled at illusions in their northern forests.

Labyrinth. The city of Punpunopolis has an extensive labyrinth beneath it.

Lorekeeping. The Dragon Bronze have taken it upon themselves to record the lore of the world by sending out dragons to see it all first hand.

River Transport. The Halflings are the very best at traveling up and down the rivers that feed in Phred, and Phred itself.

Trap Making. The Kobolds have been gifted by Pun Pun with the best trap making in the entire world.


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